About Us

The floorage:12000sq.m

The opening seats for readers:1500

The amounts of print items:790,000

Digital Resources:150TB

The Maximum of Borrowing Books:25


Borrowing Rules
Loan Period:
1、A library card / library card of Children's Library can borrow books for 45 days, and there is a chance to renew it for 45 days.
2、A library card of seniors can borrow books for 90 days, and there is no chance to renew.
Tips: Please circulate books in the library self-help equipment, and please enter “query” after operation completely to check your borrowing information.

1、renew on-site: Please go to our library with your library card and renew in the library self-service device. Or let our staff to help you in the first floor.
2、 renew by call: You can call 56113400 and let our staff to help you to renew.
3、 renew on the internet: You can enter our website (http://www.bslib.org)to renew.
4、 renew by WeChat: You can follow WeChat public accounts of Baoshan library, and renew after binding your library card.

Treatment for overdue borrowing:
If the borrowed literature is not returned after the required period expires, the reader shall pay the overdue fee for ¥0.1 per day for each book.

Damage & Loss Compensation:
You will have to pay for the compensation, because of the book damage or loss caused by your negligence.

Dispose of Loss:
Lost books should be replaced. Readers should replace the book as of original version during two weeks( please show the normal invoice of purchase book), and pay the fine ¥10( including the data processing and manufacturing of the RFID chip). If the book can not be replaced, a reparation is applied according to the following:
(1)Books published by presses in the mainland China:
Published after and in the year of 1996: 5 times of the original price.
Published between 1990 and 1995: 10 times of the original price.
Published between 1985 and 1990: 20 times of the original price.
Published before or in the year of 1985: 50 times of the original price
(2)Books published outside the mainland China:5 times of the original price.
(3)if there is a book missing from a set of serial books: 5 times of original price.
(4)the back issue: original price.

Dispose of Damage:
(1)It is slightly damage and does not affect the full content: 0.5 times of the original price.
(2)It is badly damaged and affect he full content: Please refer to the dispose of loss.

Address: No.600,HaiJiang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.
Bus line:952, Baoshan 23 to Haijiang Road Yongqing Road Station;
Bus line: 116b, 848, 51 to Yongqing Road Haijiang Road Station.